to adore you


i. leaves long brushed over,
ii. the fading hues of spring now red and sober,
iii. the sunken blues of a caterpillar rover.
iv. straw filled goat will graze on wheat,
v. struggling to remove it’s sticky feet.
vi. watchtowers built from earth to mars,
vii. as fast as cars and inconsequential as stars,
viii. burn hot and fast but fade like cigars.
ix. hot like the barrels of guns,
x. rage run cold like the huns,
xi. twenty thousand men outrun in the heat of scorching suns.


i. clad in white,
ii. strode into the morning like knights,
iii. ridicule and laughter and lips pressed tight.
iv. there is no fight,
v. just violence you boast,
vi. a right.
vii. it is the shared duality,
viii. that spirals into hazy messes of shifted reality.
ix. the deep clawing empty in guts,
x. transforms into shallow scratching like mutts.
xi. tumbling through murking and jerking.
xii. the tastes of copper not quite foul,
xiii. but enough to cause a scowl.
xiv. coating the mouth with retorts forgotten,
xv. but only in the moment,
xvi. turning the brain to cotton.

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